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Loveland Parks & Recreation Foundation Welcomes You

The Loveland Parks and Recreation Foundation was established in 1983 to foster and encourage the advancement of Parks and Recreation opportunities in Loveland.


Through the work of our Board of Directors, partnerships with local businesses,

and support from the Loveland community, we're working hard to improve the lives

of Loveland's citizens every day.

Donate now and help us make a positive difference in the Loveland community!

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13A - Alan and Joan Schultz and Marilyn
10A - Marie DeWolf, Sandy Vandewalle, St
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Who we are

The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds and provide a funding mechanism for interested citizens to make donations for recreation and parks in the Loveland community.  The Foundation's goals support the National Parks and Recreation 3 pillars including Health & Wellness, Social Equity and Conservation. 


Current goals for the Foundation include:

  • Continue and expand the Recreation Scholarship Program.

  • Endowment for the future continuation of the Recreation Scholarship Program.

  • Serve as a funding mechanism for donations and community recreation projects.

  • Participate in funding of parks, open lands, and recreation facilities in Loveland.

  • Funding of benches, trees and equipment for community parks and facilities.


What we do

Tierney K-Bench & Tree_edited.jpg

Youth Recreational Scholarships

Making a difference for the youth of Loveland

OL - Environmental Education (5)_edited.

Memorial Tree & Bench Program

An enduring tribute to a loved one

Kids in Art Class

Bucks for Buses

Making nature accessible for all children

High Fives

"We do better together, not alone.

We need to play together to feel alive.

We need to share together to feel whole. At any age,

we need to feel, recreate, breathe!"

Patricia Miller

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