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Memorial Tree & Bench Program

An enduring tribute

Dedicating a memorial tree or bench in a city park or on a city trail is a wonderful tribute to a loved one or friend, a unique way to commemorate a special occasion, and provides a gift to the whole community.

Trees are planted in public areas so everyone can enjoy the shade and beauty that a living tree provides.  Trees cool the surrounding air, help filter out airborne dust and pollution, absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, while providing shade and homes for wildlife.  This inspirational gift will grow stronger over time, will be vibrant with life year after year, and will ultimately benefit the whole community.

Enhancements to our beautiful parks and natural areas improve the quality of life in our community.  Benches can provide a pleasant place for contemplation for visitors.   They enhance our sense of belonging and community, and make our parks and natural areas more enjoyable for everyone.

Read on to learn more about our memorial tree and bench program.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffet


Planning your Donation

We are dedicated to ensuring that your donation serves as both a lasting personal tribute and an appropriate public gift.  City staff will work with you to determine how you would like to establish your memorial donation within the park estate.  Your donation includes installation and perpetual maintenance.


6 foot metal bench  =  $1,950 

1.2 - 2 inch caliper tree  =  $495


Designated locations within City parks, open lands, golf courses, cemeteries and trails are available for benches or tree plantings.  Individuals and organizations may work with City staff to select the right location for a bench, a tree, or possible combination of both.  Please note, some locations may not be available due to maximum memorial capacity.

Selecting a Tree or Bench

Individuals and organizations may work with City staff to select an appropriate tree species for the location identified, the local and regional habitat, and consideration of the memorialized.  City staff will also provide guidance regarding which bench options are available based on location and maintenance requirements.

Visit for more information


City staff will arrange for the planting of trees, as well as the maintenance of memorial trees.  Family and friends may participate in the tree planting process.  Benches will also be installed and maintained by City staff.



The City permits the installation of a donated plaque with park benches provided it meets the criteria of the Department's Donation Plaque Policy.  The Parks Manager, or designee, must approve plaque material, size and wording before the donor orders the plaque.

*Plaques must be made of a corrosive resistant metal, poly-carbonate or similar durable material and of a color that will harmonize with the site furnishing.

* The exposed surface of the plaque must not exceed eighteen (18) square inches (3"x 6").  Plaques that exceed the size limit will not be installed on site.

Come sit with me and be at ease
to look upon these wondrous trees
on birds and squirrels-
what'ere you please 
and feel some heaven in every breeze

HR Karpes

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